Head Coach Clive Sutherland opened his first school in 1991-92 and has been involved in the martial arts for over 35 years, mainly in the styles of kung fu and kickboxing.

He teaches a no-nosense kickboxing and kung fu system called Yang Kuai Shou, or YKS for short, aimed at people who are looking for quality, suited for all ages, fitness, self defence, conditioning, friendly atmosphere, co-ordination, self discipline, confidence, strength and flexibility.




  • Kids kickboxing
    • 1 class a week £24/month
    • 2 classes a week £40/month
  • Adults kickboxing / adults kung fu
    • 1 class a week £24/month
    • 2 classes a week £45/month
  • Fitness classes (choose from bag andpadwork,soulspin, weight training and circuit training)
    • 1 class a week £20/month
    • 2 classes a week £30/month
    • All classes £45/month

Please contact Clive Sutherland for more information or to enrol.