Practice of the martial arts has many advantages over other types of physical activities. First, there is the emphasis on the development of flexibility in the martial arts training. A some time is spent on stretching exercises. Thus, flexibility is attained and youthful resiliency is retained. This flexibility contributes to overall physical fitness.

Full body workout

Another very important aspect of martial arts training is that virtually all parts of the body are exercised. Unlike jogging or cycling which develop only specific muscles, martial arts training emphasises flexibility and strengthening virtually all muscle groups in the body. Another important factor is that all quadrants of the body are balanced in training. This is to say that both the upper and lower body must be strengthened and made flexible. Furthermore, both the left and right sides of the body are trained so that an accomplished martial artist can perform his or her techniques with equal proficiency using either side of the body.

The various combinations of vigorous techniques condition and reduce inner and outer thighs, buttocks, upper body and stomach area. While practising, these muscle groups are worked so that fat is regenerated into firm muscles.

Balancing mind and body

Exercise is a well known remedy to reduce stress and relieve other strains and tensions in the body. By focusing on your training, you will subconsciously clear your mind leaving you feeling refreshed and your energy boosted, in turn giving you a stronger sense of health and well-being. Regular exercise is important to your health for many reasons as it can help to reduce certain health risks and improve your quality of life.