Our system

Yang Kuai Shou (fast/penetrating hands and feet) Black Dragon Kickboxing and Kung Fu is based on the principles of yielding, circular motion, and penetration. Today the techniques and philosophy are still taught, although the system has adjusted to the physical need of modern lifestyles. Most of all, this system is designed to develop individual character, mental strength, integrity, and respect for others, fitness, strength and flexibilty.

KICBOXING- Blackdragon kickboxing is a hybrid mixture of Chinese kickboxing and modern kickboxing skills. Techniques involves intense punching and kicking drills, take-downs, pad/bagwork, body conditioning and fitness, self defence, take downs and throws, syllabus work, gradings and sparring. Sparring are at three levels ( semi contact, freefighting medium to firm contact and Sanda full contact )

KUNG FU- Yang Kuai Shou Blackdragon Kung Fu is an external and internal style, very dynamic training using strikes, stance/footwork, blocking, take downs, speed training, weapons, forms, pad/bagwork, Chi Na ( seize and controls using joint locking) and sparring.

TAI CHI CHUAN- Yang style 37 postures short form from Cheng Man Ching. For health and well being the movements and postures are softand graceful, yet contains powerfull fighting applications. Tai Chi is also an excellent way of reducing stress, improve your immune system, raise your energy and cultivates the Chi. Tai Chi is an internal or soft martial art that also focuses on balance and help you being centred.

Self defence

Ever since human history began, man has needed to learn how to defend himself, his family, his possessions and his honour. Even today, investing some of your time in studying a martial art system is indispensable insurance against the hazards of modern living. Our art is not the best known around but is very effective in its way and applications. When you start to learn Black Dragon martial arts you will start to realise that you do not need to be just strong physically to apply our principles of martial arts.


Grading is considered to be of importance for progression i.e.; moving forwards or climbing the mountain. Each student is selected to take a grade whenever he or she is ready, so you are not pressured to take a grade if you are not ready or confident. Students are trained to incorporate mental concentration, self-discipline and respect to fellow students, not only in their practise sessions, but in all aspects of their lives.

Physical fitness

Getting into shape is not just a luxury, but a necessity for maintaining good health. Our martial art gives you many years of wisdom and experience in ways of maintaining good health. Whilst you are learning our art, you will also be increasing in flexibility, strength and co­ordination. Our system includes cardiovascular aerobic exercises for the heart and lungs, which will help you to lose any excess weight.

Don’t worry about your age or present physical condition, we are very knowledgeable in helping people of all ages to firm up and develop physically and mentally at a pace suited to each individual. No experience or background is needed; we will start you off slowly in our beginner’s program and gradually get you in top shape safely.

CARDIO KOMBAT FITNESS WORKOUT – Combination of fitness drills to improve your fitness, stamina, strength, confidence, burn fat, tone up, bag/padwork, Tabata drills, interval training, weight training.